Professor Richard Moxon

University of Oxford, Founder of the Oxford Vaccine Group

Dr. Jane Achan

Senior Research Advisor, Malaria Consortium

Dr. Anthony Hobson PhD

Clinical GI Scientist & Clinical Director of the Functional Gut Clinic

Asha Wijengunawardana

Senior Lecturer, Rajarate University of Sri Lanka

Dr. Ron Daniels

NHS Intensive Care Consultant, UK Sepsis Trust

Dr. Federica Bernardini

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Imperial College London

Dr. Raul Cano

The BioCollective

Sten Westgard and TechnoPath

Sten Westgard, Director of Client Services and Technology for Westgard QC, Technopath.

Harkiolaki, Maria

Principal Beamline Scientist at Diamond Light Source

Wayne Dimech

Executive Manager - Scientific and Business Relations at NRL, Australia

Dr. Jose Alexander

AdventHealth Orlando

Joe Vincini

Quality Control Services Manager at NRL, Australia.

David Apiyo, Ph.D.

Senior Manager, Octet Applications, Sartorius

Allan Schell

Field Application Scientist Manager, Sartorius

Dr. Tobin Efferen

Senior Medical Director at Beckman Coulter

Hunter Bowen

Marketing Manager for Automation at Beckman Coulter